Former Conferences: an overview from 1985 to 2011

The XV Conference on Latin Ibero-American Management of Technology - ALTEC 2013 represents an unprecedented event in Portugal which will take place in the city of Porto at the end of October in 2013.

The Conference on Latin Ibero-American Management of Technology was already held in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Cuba, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Spain and Peru. The events allowed for a regionally-centered discussion and reflection about themes among specialists in entrepreneurship, policy, management of science and technology, and innovation. A number of these events hosted more than 400 technicians and academics in relevant fields of expertise.

Year when the Conference was held   Country   City   Number of presentations
1985   Brasil   São Paulo   26
1987   México   Mexico City   76
1989   Argentina   Buenos Aires   92
1991   Venezuela   Caracas   84
1993   Colombia   Bogota   53
1995   Chile   Concepción   102
1997   Cuba   Havana   193
1999   Espanha   Valencia   256
2001   Costa Rica   San José   197
2003   México   México D.F.   277
2005   Brasil   Salvador   379
2007   Argentina   Buenos Aires   345
2009   Colombia   Cartagena   389
2011   Peru   Lima   516